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When it comes to non-ferrous sorting, Overdie Fines’ expertise is unparalleled. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art sorting process that yields clean, separated fractions in all sizes, from 0.5 mm all the way to 50 mm.

Metal mixes arriving from waste-to-energy plants are first cleaned, weighed, and arrayed.

The 6 to 50 mm fraction is then processed using our custom-built sink-float separator. This technique has proven highly effective and has been implemented successfully for over 35 years.

But Overdie Fines doesn’t stop there. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors in our expert handling of the finest fractions (0.5 mm to 6 mm).

Unique in the Netherlands is our use of a pioneering separation technique known as Magnetic Density Separation (MDS), in which magnetic liquids are used as a separation medium. The MDS separator uses a magnetic field to separate materials into stratified layers, with each material floating at a specific distance from the magnet according to its density.

This set-up gives us an unprecedented sorting range, making us your single point of delivery for all non-ferrous concentrates. We’ll keep sorting until the last grain of metal has been recovered.

There’s more to gain than you could ever imagine

Magnetic Density Separation is an ingenious and highly effective solution